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Solverboard Enterprise Benefits


Intuitive interface and design enables easy adoption and roll-out across businesses and teams both large and small.


Post challenges and get solving in a matter of minutes.


Get the right people with the right experience in the right place solving your challenges.


Solverboard galvanises employees and gets them talking. It celebrates success and helps businesses reward talent from any part of the organisation.

Outcome Focused

Solverboard’s analytics allow you to track the benefit outcomes of your challenges, assuring return on investment and alignment to strategic objectives.


With standards-compliant data centres, 256bit SSL as standard and PCI compliance for payments, your data is secure with our hosted Software as a Service (SaaS) solution.

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Why use Open Innovation?

Engage, collaborate and co-create

Engage your target audience and co-create your products building early awareness and de-risking launch success.

Alternative Thinking

Accelerate idea generation by creating and engaging an online community of innovators giving you unbiased and alternative thinking.

Scout for talent and partnerships

Celebrate brilliant thinking within your network. Allow individuals, partners and suppliers to demonstrate their capabilities.