The Solverboard Process


Create a virtual team

Invite employees, suppliers and partners to create your virtual innovation community.



Post a challenge

Any type of business challenge can be posted, from product innovation to continuous improvement to strategy. Empower your employees to post their own challenges for all to collaborate on and solve.



Work together to get the best solution

Solverboard promotes and encourages collaboration, working together to build on each other’s thinking, giving your organisation the best possible solutions.



Assess, select and recognise

The Solverboard scorecard makes it easy to assess, select, measure and prioritise the best solutions, allowing you to feed back to your employees and recognise the best contributions.



Build a culture of innovation

Analyse challenge activity, employee engagement and benefit realisation to grow a culture of innovation within your organisation.


It's Simple

Post challenges and get solving in a matter of minutes. Intuitive interface and design enables easy adoption and roll-out across businesses and teams both large and small.

It's Affordable

You shouldn’t have to pay lots of money for clever thinking. It’s already in and around your business – you just need a platform to make it happen.

It's Efficient

Get the right people with the right experience in the right place solving your challenges.

It's Engaging

Solverboard galvanises employees and gets them talking. It celebrates success and helps businesses reward talent from any part of the organisation.

It's Outcome Focused

Solverboard’s analytics allow you to track the benefit outcomes of your challenges, assuring return on investment and alignment to strategic objectives.

It's Secure

Keep control of your data and restrict actions with adjustable permissions per team member. With standards-compliant data centres, 256bit SSL as standard and PCI compliance for payments, your data is secure with our hosted Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. To discuss self-hosted options, or to find out more, get in touch with our tech team.

Choose your plan


Get your innovation management system set up in minutes with our cloud-based SaaS solution; ideal for small to medium-sized organisations and teams.

  • Typically up to 250 users
  • £1 per user per month
  • Pay as you go


Create a fully customised version of Solverboard allowing group companies, divisions, functions, suppliers and partners to collaborate efficiently and securely in your own version of Solverboard. Available as an 'on-premise' self-managed solution or fully managed by Solverboard to suit your own IT requirements. Perfect for corporations and larger organisations wanting a more tailored solution.

  • Tailored to your needs - please call us


Your Open Innovation ecosystem, powered by Solverboard technology. Ideal for universities, institutions, professional bodies and government agencies looking to create and facilitate an environment that connects, shares, collaborates and actualises intelligence, ideas and technologies.

  • Tailored to your needs - please call us