Solverboard unearths your
people’s brilliant ideas.

“What if you could engage the minds of your workforce regardless of function, discipline or expertise, to apply innovative thinking across your business?”

Your business is full of brilliant people with great ideas. Harness that energy and set it to work on your trickiest challenges with Solverboard.

The idea is simple:

Challengers set business challenges.
And Solvers solve them.

Everything about each challenge – from the level of detail to the type and value of the potential reward – is set by the Challenger, and a company-wide cohort of solvers offer up a solution.

The solutions are assessed by the Challenger and/or your Solverboard community, with the best one earning the reward.


To get started on Solverboard, simply CLICK HERE to set yourself up with our CLOUD platform. We’ll make you an administrator for your organisation and you can get going by customising your homepage and inviting your team.

For larger teams and organisations please CLICK HERE so we can help you get set up with our ENTERPRISE solution that can either be hosted by you or us. Whichever you choose, we’ll get you up and running in no time with your own fully customisable version of Solverboard.

Looking to create your own digital innovation ecosystem powered by Solverboard technology? Please CLICK HERE and we’ll arrange a time to discuss and support your needs with our PARTNER solution.


Next – raise a challenge.

Start by defining what your challenge is, what detail you’d like to see in the solutions, how you will assess and score solutions, your timeframe and what incentive or reward you will offer.

The incentive doesn’t have to be monetary; maybe it’s internal recognition, the chance to form part of the project team or even career progression opportunities.


Rewarding the best ideas.

Set rewards to encourage the best thinking. Remember this doesn’t have to be monetary – maybe it’s based on your organisation’s personal development goals, or secondment to new teams, or your own internal scoring system.


Then – get innovating.

Start the Innovation Phase by publishing your challenge.

If you are a Solver, search for challenges and post a solution.


Assess the solutions.

Use your Solver community to help you select the best solutions or, if you prefer, assess on an individual basis.

Keep everyone engaged by responding to comments and providing feedback on the solutions to your challenge.


It’s decision time.

The selection process is simplified through the “Solverboard” - a leader board scoring system that takes the aggregates of scores from your assessors to help guide your decision.

You can choose to recognise and reward solutions that may not answer the full challenge but go a long way towards doing so; we call these part-solutions.